Elevate Your Engineering Excellence with Advanced Mechanical Simulations!

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    As a leader in Industrial Machinery Industry, we understand the constant challenges you face in ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and innovation of your mechanical designs. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to a game-changing solution that can revolutionize your engineering processes – Advanced Mechanical Simulations.

    Unlock the Power of Simulation:

    Our cutting-edge simulation technology empowers your engineering team to optimize designs, predict performance under diverse conditions, and streamline the product development lifecycle. Here’s how mechanical simulations can elevate your engineering excellence:

    • Utilize advanced mechanical simulations, achieve unparalleled accuracy in optimizing mechanical systems
    • Utilize simulations to find effective design parameters, leading to improved performance and reduced costs
    • Accelerate product development through virtual prototyping

    Case Study on Mechanical Simulation for Ice Craft Machine Manufacturer in USA

    Client: Ice craft machine manufacturer in US specialized in producing variety of Ice cubes for commercial purposes.
    Business Problem:

    The client wants to design and simulate a new design for the Ice craft Machine with simplified in-built extraction and lowering mechanism to enhance the machine performance.

    MNES technical team reviewed the mechanisms of Ice crafting machine and conducted the design change feasibility on scrapping mechanism. Detailed design and mechanical simulation were done to redesign the scrapping and levering mechanism that provided simplified design to enhance the machine performance. The scrapping mechanism involves various pneumatic cylinders, motors, links, and components which have been validated with the help of Motion Study. Detailed design and mechanical simulation were done to study the machine functions. FEA Simulations were also done to validate the mechanisms.

    Benefits or Results:

    Design study and mechanical simulation helped to enhance the design compared to the previous versions. Design validation of the machine was done with a virtual machine, which reduced time to market by two months. With the new design, a significant improvement in ice-making process time (reduced by 8%) has been measured. The new scrapping and lowering mechanism improved the machine performance and minimized the down time.

    Naresh Arunagiri

    Naresh Arunagiri has several years of extensive experience in engineering services concentrating in Research and Development (R&D), New Product Development (NPD), lean manufacturing, work holding design, process & product optimization, production automation in the Truck & Trailer, Life science, and industrial machinery.

    Naresh has extensively spent the last decade working in the truck and trailer industry in multiple companies in designing their walk-in-vans and trailer bodies with the focus on supporting them in different areas like,

    • Body design (Body in white)
    • Validating design based on FMVSS and DOT standards
    • Light body EV vehicle designs
    • Automotive electronics

    He was instrumental in bringing out the first-in-class last-mile delivery electric vehicle and the fully electric campus shuttle bus to the market.

    In the area of automation, Naresh was part of the team that designed and implemented the “Factory of the future” for one of the largest mattress manufacturing companies in the globe. This entailed designing a single flow layout aided by world-class technology of AGVs, Industrial Robots, and Cobots. His exceptional exposure to Technical sales and Application engineering in various industries, has been a great asset to MN Engineering Solutions.

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    Madhan Kumar Paramahamsan

    Madhan Kumar Paramahamsan has worked for 23 years as an engineering product lead with several well-known companies like Morgan Olson, Leser Gmbh., Pratt & Whitney, Hayssen Sandiacre, Thomas & Betts Inc, Cummins Inc, Babcock & Wilcox & Keld Ellentoft in multiple geographies, and diverse projects.

    Performed across multiple challenging roles engineering domains in advanced design and validation, technical advice & consulting to teams in industries like Automobile, Aerospace, Packaging Industry, Defence, Infrastructure & Utilities (I&U), etc. Madhan has solid knowledge and years of experience with the I&U industry and also contributed significantly in the area of research & development.

    Madhan’s keen interest in design and engineering paved way for certifications of all the major CAD/Simulation tools. The expertise in the years of design, fabrication, and engineering experience has been the key in leading Madhan to make MN Engineering Solutions one of the front-runners in the engineering services and solutions with a team of par excellence and with the largest supply chain management in the industry.

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    Senthil Kumar Deivasigamany

    Accomplished serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of building and growing businesses from scratch. Particularly adept at visioning and strategizing and most importantly, successfully executing on the vision. Experienced in multiple domains, including sales & marketing, HR, and operations with key skills in Organization Development and Sales Management.

    Over the last three decades, he has had myriad experiences that reinforced the foundation to build businesses. The tenure as a Sales Engineer in Tube Investments and Product Manager in Sterling Holidays gave a strong footing in sales and marketing, spanning 10 years. During that time, he propagated the importance of strategy, discipline and process orientation in enriching the sales pipeline and improving conversion. A short stint at ABC Consultants enabled him to understand how to attract and retain the best talent available in the market across various domains.

    In the last 20 years with Barry-Wehmiller, a consulting company offering solutions to the manufacturing & technology industries, he orchestrated the growth from 6 associates to many hundreds in roles including Project Manager, Operations Manager, Business Development, and Business Unit Head with complete P&L responsibility. During this period, he was responsible for starting and growing the technology practice. Since 2010, he has been solely responsible for global sales of Engineering Services for Barry-Wehmiller, growing the business from $4 million to over $23 million in a span of 4 years.

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    Rohit Jani

    Rohit Jani is a mechanical engineer with over 23 years of experience in the marketing industry. Rohit is the lead sales and business advisory member with MN Engineering Solutions. His unrelenting experience over the years in business development, sales, marketing, and operations, set-up businesses in a new market, and building sustainable partnerships. Also, Rohit’s expertise extends to QC and ISO compliance for industries, B2B Marketing, price negotiations across contracts, and project executions.

    Rohit’s excellence in diverse business strategies and in-depth experiences for sales for IT and Engineering Services. He is key to interacting and bringing business clients to MN Engineering Solutions. Rohit’s professional career includes companies like Vetus, Barry Wehmiller, Barmag India, Sungrace Engineering, and NIR Cadtech.

    Rohit has strong customer relationship building and networking capabilities, sourcing and vendor management, cross-selling of products across different markets. He is equipped with sound knowledge of IT tools, ERP and experienced in using modern marketing tools. Rohit works experience spans globally across the USA, China, Western Europe, Maldives, and Srilanka.

    In Rohit’s career, he was awarded on many occasions as the ‘Best Sales Person of the Year’ and twice as the ‘Best Project Manager’ with Barry Wehmiller. Rohit is also a certified PDM Works Enterprise Implementation Professional and Solidworks professional.

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    Krishnakumar Krishnan

    Results-oriented professional with 30 + years of experience, proven knowledge of business consulting, business development, partnership development, client expectation management, Training and delivery management.

    He managed global sales and marketing to position enterprise applications and services to mid-market manufacturing companies both in the US, India and Middle East markets. Likes to engage in roles that are around mentoring sales teams, develop a go-to-market strategy, building new partnerships, sales operation, training, and mentoring.

    His expertise comes from building strategic partnerships & alliances, key account management, and customer relationship management.

    Passionate about training, mentoring talent and developing empowered teams to deliver world-class service in addition to training teams in effective communication methodologies.Travelled extensively, able to appreciate different cultures, wide CXO network

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